Non Believers and Adoption

Would you let these people adopt your kid?

There are several reasons why I think we won’t be chosen as an adoptive family, but the fact that we are “non-believers” tops the list. Almost all of the organizations seem to be based in some type of faith.

We are good people. We are caring. We are compassionate. We love to read, debate, and travel. We play Jeopardy! every night (I usually win … Lol). We dance with our dog. We do not attend any religious services. We do not observe any religious holidays. Both of us have worked with children as a career and we both have children in our family that we love, but we do not believe in god.

I wonder what organization would let us register and then I wonder what parent(s) would choose us? I look at adoption boards all the time and almost everyone is talking about god. How they are expecting good things because they believe god will give those things to them. How god is blessing them. I usually just ignore it. I’m not one to pick a fight, but I’m concerned that there will be pointed questions in the near future about our beliefs … or lack thereof.

Oh well …. we are who we are and that’s all that we are!


6 thoughts on “Non Believers and Adoption

  1. Are you serious? Wow, I wonder who made up the adoption rules then and why they think religious people are better… I was adopted by religious people and that mother was far far far from a good Christian loving mother. Now, despite that fact, I became a Christian in my own years later, but still see how religious people would make better parents? Crazy stereotype that is just untrue.
    I really really hope that you guys will be able to in the future. I don’t know you but from what read, you guys look like great patent material!
    Good luck!

    • Thanks. We’re at the start of our process so who knows what the future holds. I hope that it won’t end up being a big deal. =)

  2. Believe it or not, Nightlight Christian Adoptions does not require any religious affiliation. We should have used them, but we didn’t. (Long story.)
    I’m Christian, but we do not go to church. (Another long story.) I am also sometimes uncomfortable by all the “God talk” on adoption boards. However, I don’t think anyone can know God’s plan (assuming there is one) so I don’t think agreeing or disagreeing matters.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. i guess I assumed (you know what that makes me! Lol) that if the organization had a religious title that they would want those kinds of religious people to apply there. I guess things aren’t always what they seem. Thanks.

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