Baby Rooms

Can I just say that I am in full-on nesting mode? Lol I’ve been prowling and taking a look at all of the cute nurseries. Here are some photos that will be inspiring my decorating choices.

I love this family tree built into the wall. The paint is cool AND I love the idea of family photos being the faces the baby grows accustomed to looking at. I don’t think I would put it over the crib, but I love the idea of having it in the room.

I love this bookcase. I like how it has photos, baby toys, baby books, etc. It looks streamlined and “together”. Again, I wouldn’t put in above the chest of drawers, but I love the bookcase idea.

Love, love, love this color grey. I also enjoy how they livened it up with other colors. The color seems very warm and relaxing.

This is another color that I like. It’s almost a very light periwinkle. It’s also neutral which I love.

My first public speaking that I ever did was in 4th grade as the narrator for Where the Wild Things Are. I am definitely going to read this book to my child. When I saw this room online I almost fell out of my chair! I love that this is on the door. It’s like the okay for the kid to do their own thing in their space.

What are some nursery ideas that you love?


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