Family Members and Adoption

This isn’t us … but it could be.

One the most challenging things about adopting is dealing with family. It seems like no one in our families has know anyone that adopted a kid. There is so much misinformation. There are so many questions.

Most of my family knows that we are adopting. None of his family knows.We are concerned that his family won’t accept our family. Some in his family feel the need to point out when a child has been adopted (say on tv or a story in the media). When I ask why they feel the need to make the distinction that the kid isn’t the parent’s biological child, they tell me that folks “should know”. When I press to ask why it makes a difference or why it’s anyone else’s business they just look at me like I’m crazy. I’m worried that our kid will be “the adopted kid” in the family instead of just our kid.

He thinks we should just spring it on them once we have the baby, but that seems kinda weird to me. Also, I have an on-again-off-again relationship with his family so I don’t think that hiding something this HUGE is going to help our relationship. How did you get family members on board with the idea of adopting?


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