TLC Show “Birth Moms”

Um …. wow ….

So ….. TLC is doing a one-hour special on birth mothers. While this sounds like an interesting show it seems like a trainwreck in the making. The Huffington Post says

In our exclusive sneak peek, we see Kandice, angry that a police officer took away her driver’s license after she was caught shoplifting … but she gets even angrier when the waitress at a Mexican restaurant cards her for ordering a strawberry-banana margarita (not a virgin margarita) and she can’t produce ID.

Kandice calls the cop and, somehow, someway, convinces him to bring her license to her at the restaurant. While waiting for him to show up (he does), she says wine won’t do after a day like this — she needs tequila! Then she proceeds to smoke a cigarette.

“I’ve been wanting to drink for how long?” Kandice fumes. “I came here to have a drink. Not for the food — I wanted liquor!”

What makes this scene even more sickening? She’s with two other pregnant girls who do little to stop her.

An official description of his special from TLC:
“Birth Moms”: This one-hour special focuses on the lives of three pregnant young women living at an adoption center in Utah while struggling with the decision about whether or not to put their babies up for adoption. Tensions run high as this diverse group of women from around the country interact with each other during this tumultuous time. Follow these troubled mothers-to-be on their journey to childbirth while witnessing face-to-face meetings with prospective adoptive parents who desperately want a child, and the gut wrenching moment when each birth mom must finally decides if she will give her baby up for adoption.

What do you think? How will this “special” affect the adoption community?


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