More Families of Color Need to Adopt

I forgot how I came across this article, but it kind of surprised me.

” …. when I see kids of color living in all-white communities with parents who don’t know how to, are too scared to, or don’t care to talk about race, I don’t think anything has changed since the days when the ruling philosophy was “assimilation is best”. When I see adoptees of all ages who are left to navigate their adoption experience alone because everyone else is too scared to even hold the map, I don’t think that anything has changed. No kid or adult adoptee should be forced to figure out how to be Korean, Black, Brown, a part of their birth family, a part of their adoptive family, etc. on their own. Just because we are adoptees doesn’t mean the onus is on us and us alone to understand such a complex experience.”

I mean, it didn’t surprise me that the writer felt like some children of color that are adopted into white families are not provided with the background and experience to appreciate their own cultural background … it surprised me that someone else felt that way too.

I read the transracial adoption board (which seems to only mean white families adopting children of color) all the time and it hurts my heart to see they way they write about their kids. How clueless they are about the experience of growing up as a child of color in America, how ignorant they are of basic health information regarding their kids ( Black babies can be bathed more than once a week. Ugh!), and how they seem to not understand that children of color need adults of color as role models, friends, etc. Reading these boards makes my blood boil and then I realize … maybe we wouldn’t have these issues if more families of color would adopt.

When I visit adoption boards, go to adoption events, and read adoption magazines there are very few families of color. I would love each child to have a home where they can feel loved, safe, and good about themselves and their cultural identity.To make that happen, more families of color have to step up. It takes a village.


2 thoughts on “More Families of Color Need to Adopt

  1. I found your blog because of a comment you made on the Birthmother Grief post at Adoption Voices. I’m an adoptive mom to two biracial (Black and White) children. We went the private, open adoption route. By default, I ended up owning the African American Domestic Adoption and Placement group on Yahoo! when the creator decided she needed a life. I would love it if you would consider joining. We have members who have adopted privately and through foster care.
    In general, you’re right, “transracial” means White people adopting children of color. It seems as though there aren’t many families of color who adopt, unless it’s kinship adoption. I wonder if you’ve done a post about that?
    For the record, I bathe my son every day and my daughter every other day. 🙂

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