My Husband Made Me Awesome-er

I’m not a really big gusher, but this morning I realized (again) what a gem I have in my partner. So, I’m standing in the mirror combing my hair thinking about the questions that we might be asked in our initial interview. I start thinking about how:

  • My mom has made me the way I am – Awesome!
  • My mom is a drunk.
  • I get my good qualities from her and my bad qualities from my maternal Grandmother.
  • My maternal Grandmother’s bad qualities (that I share) are aloofness and a certain emotional detachment from the world.
  • Over the years I’ve gotten “softer”.
  • Have I gotten “softer” or am I just feeling the feelings that I’ve been feeling and not acknowledged?

Am I feeling more feelings because of my partner? He is an AMAZING person that takes me for what I am. He doesn’t judge me. Last night he said that he always liked that I was my own person. What others see as a failing in me, he sees as a strength!

I don’t want to embarrass him, but I really think we have something good. We are really different, but we fit together very well. I can’t imagine raising a family with anyone but him. I’m so glad that I have a true partner in my relationship.

Shout out to all the awesome partners!



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