Are Dads Discriminated Against?

I saw this over at and I wanted to share it. I don’t have any insights … I just wanted to make sure the word got out: Dads are PARENTS and are capable of being involved in their children’s lives.The author of the blog post at is talking about article in The New Yorker:

Jerry Mahoney is talking about discrimination that dads face everywhere kids might be — in public restrooms (no changing tables!), playgrounds (moms think they’re pervs!) and even in parenting groups


When you see Dads with little kids at playgroups, parks, etc. do you think it’s weird?





4 thoughts on “Are Dads Discriminated Against?

  1. Dads are most certainly discriminated against. I was in a burger joint with my son when he dropped a bomb in his diaper. When I got to the mens room there was no changing table. I picked a table in the middle of the dining room and changed the foul stinky diaper right there. F’em.

    • It doesn’t seem fair. It’s like the world is super surprised when a father takes care of his children. Maybe they’ll think about adding changing tables to the men’s restrooms! Lol

  2. The MOMS Club that I was a part of voted to BAN fathers from events. A father could not even be home when playgroup was held in his own house. Because the club couldn’t officially stop fathers from coming to public places, like parks, they just made a rule stating that fathers couldn’t play with the children if they did come to events in public places. I left the club.
    And in adoption, try being a birth father in Utah… actually, many states don’t do much to ensure the rights of expectant fathers.

    • Wow! I’m also having a hard time finding a Family & Baby playgroup. I understand that some moms want to hang with other moms, but an outright ban seems ridiculously extreme!

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