To “Mom” or Not to “Mom”


I keep reading about how birth mothers and adoptive mothers sometimes feel strangely about sharing the title of “mom”. I don’t get it, but then I’m not a “normal” person. I have long eschewed the idea of people that are related me calling me by some titles that I am supposed to be called. For example, my nephews call me by my name not “Auntie”, “Teetee” or anything other than my name. My godkids also call me by my name.

Since reading all the hullabaloo about the title of “mom” it got me thinking about if I would want my kid(s) to call me “mom”. I’m leaning towards “no”. Now, to hear everyone tell it, once that baby is placed in my arms my brain will rewire itself to only care about fitting myself into the “mom” role. As my partner likes to say, “It’s not impossible, but it’s highly improbable”. Lol

I would like to think that what my child calls me isn’t important. Family is what we do for each other. Love is an action. Who cares if they call me by my name or “Hey You” as long as they know that Hey You will always be there to help them pick up the Cheerios, complete the homework, and dance to Michael Jackson songs in public places.

Is there anyone else out there that has children that call them something other than “mom”, “mommy,”mami”, “mama”, etc.?


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