What Getting a Dog Taught Me About My Family

Two years ago my husband decided that he wanted a dog. My motto has always been, “I don’t want anything living in my house but me”, but you know how cute husbands are when they beg! Just joking, babe! Lol

Anyhoo … we found a cute little pup on Craigslist for $35 and decided to take the plunge. He was half boxer, half pit, and all cute. The new pup shook all the way home. The pup was so small that He had to carry him in his hands the whole ride home. We had no idea what we were getting in to.

An eight week old pup is like a newborn baby. We thought we’d make a space for him in the garage, but the pup had other ideas. He cried until we brought him into our bedroom. Give a pup an inch and he’ll take a mile! I wanted the pup to be an outside dog, but the pup had other thoughts.

We made sure the pup had the best organic dog food, great medical care (he had paw surgery after a bout with weeds that grew in the backyard), and constant attention. It got to the point where he was sleeping in our bed! So much for an outside dog! Lol

As the pup has grown, so have we. Thinking about him is now something we do automatically. We don’t buy anything for him without looking at the materials it’s made with and considering how it will enhance his life. He likes us all to be together. When one of us leaves the room he follows and cries until we all come back together again. I have a sneaking suspicion that training me for a baby was His plan all along! Lol

Well, it’s worked. As much as the pup makes me want to strangle him sometimes I can’t imagine our life without him. Now, we’re looking to add to our little brood. We have such a great life, I can’t imagine not having another addition to our family.

Wish us luck!



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