Why My Child Will Never Be in Daycare

This kid hit, punched, kicked, and slapped other kids at a daycare in Mississippi. Can you believe that the staff was present and just didn’t notice?

I saw this last week over at MyBrownBaby and it’s taken a while for me to process it.
This is why my children will never be in day care.

The unidentified tween carried out his reign of terror at the Kiddie City Childcare in Vicksburg, Miss., just steps from where a staffer gabbed on the phone and with other adults, oblivious to the tyrant’s abuse or the babies’ cries. Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong says the abuse went unnoticed by the childcare provider for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, despite that the children were seen in the video screaming and crying out in agony with each blow.

I can’t …

The worst part is that because he’s 9 years old won’t be punished.

The video is really disturbing, but it’s available over at MyBrownBaby if you’d like to view it.



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