Dogs are Good for Babies

Whoo hoo!

I just read an article that says that babies that grow up with dogs are healthier than babies without dogs. I’m so glad to hear that. We have a very cute half pit/half boxer that we love, love, love so I’ve been wondering how the baby would  get along with him. Now, it seems that instead of having to be concerned I should be thrilled!

The findings were reported in the medical journal Pediatrics, which published the results of the study of 397 children who lived in rural and suburban Finland.

The dogs, and to a lesser extent cats, helped the babies ward off respiratory tract infections and ear infections during their first year of life.

“The children having dogs at home were healthier, they had less ear infections and they needed less antibiotics,” said Eija Bergroth, the study’s lead author and a pediatrician affiliated with Kuopio University Hospital in Kuopio, Finland.

That doesn’t mean that the pup will be licking my baby in the face anytime soon, but it’s good to know that he’ll help to make the baby a bit dirtier healthier.


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