Baby Free Zones

I have been reading a lot about restaurants banning kids under 12, some banning kids under 6 and airlines creating baby-free areas. As the movement grows, there’s even a website that helps you Leave Them Behind when you go on your next trip.

Some say that people with babies shouldn’t intrude on the lifestyles of those without kids. Others claim that having babies is a part of life and others should just deal with it. Yeah … you know what? I haven’t read a blog post about that yet. When I Googled the topic I just kept coming up with blogs like this one about how parents are letting their kids run wild.

What do you think? Is this a good thing? Is it necessary?


One thought on “Baby Free Zones

  1. It’s a good question. Although perhaps there should be sections for ‘responsible’ and ‘irresponsible’ parents instead?

    I am a fairly intolerant man (yes I meant that – I really am a cantankerous miserable person), but even I know that kids are kids and that’s the way of it. I can also appreciate that parents can only do so much to keep their kids in check.

    On the other hand, there are too many irresponsible parents out there that just don’t give a hoot. Maybe this is the area that should be targeted? In my experience, the parents that don’t look after their kids/keep them quiet/entertained/settled in public places tend to be the same people happy to make a nuisance of themselves when there is no baby as an excuse. You know the type – the ones that talk far too loud in a restaurant or museum, loud music in their cars/homes no matter what the time, rude to people around them and generally inconsiderate of others.

    I honestly think that society as a whole is beginning to lack manners and common sense. A small percentage of people make a large percentage of other people’s lives that little bit more unliveable with their lack of thought, respect and consideration.

    But let’s not blame it on babies and kids eh?

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