Community is GOOD

Guess what just happened?

I got a message from someone that I don’t know telling me that:

Hi! I have been reading through your posts and I know you have been concerned that it could be harder for AA parents to adopt. I wanted to reassure you that it is not more difficult.

We were contacted by the agency we used for our adoption yesterday. They said they have many AA and biracial matches available right now and are looking for AA/biracial PAP’s.

The name of the agency is Children’s Connections in Texas. Their intake counselor Jennifer is wonderful to work with.

Here is their website:

And the post they had on facebook:

Children’s Connections currently has several unmatched birth mothers in our program having African American, Anglo/ African American and Hispanic/African American babies! We will be accepting photo books/​profiles and home studies for US families. Home studies need to be done by a licensed agency in your state, as well as be current within the last year from when we are presenting them. Send your info to

I hope this helps in your journey to becoming parents!

How AWESOME is this? We don’t have a home study yet so I don’t think we can apply, but she doesn’t know that. She, a stranger, only wanted to help someone add to their family. That is soooo sweet. There are good people in the world if you open yourself to it.

It’s also funny that jut as we are considering private adoption again .. I get this email.

Community is good!





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