100 Most Adoption Friendly Companies

Every year the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption lists the top 100 companies for adoption. The website says, “Rankings are based on the maximum amount of financial reimbursement and paid leave for employees who adopt.” You have to take a survey to get the whole list, but I wanted to share the top 10.

America’s top 10

1. Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc.
2. Citizen’s Financial Group, Inc. / RBS Americas
3. Liquidnet (tie)
3. LSI Corporation (tie)
5. Putnam Investments
6. Vanguard Group
7. Subaru of America, Inc.
8. BHP Billiton
9. The Timberland Company
10. Barilla America, Inc.


The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption also provides free guides for employees to request an adoption reimbursement and leave from their jobs, a free guide for employers to help them set up adoption reimbursement and leave programs, and a free guide for adoption agencies to pass out to adoptive parents.

In case the name sounds familiar, but you can’t place it. Dave Thomas also founded restaurant chain Wendy’s. He was adopted at 5 years old and spent his adult life encouraging others to adopt.


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