Adoption App from Lifetime

I’m on a webinar from Lifetime right now and they mentioned that they have an adoption app so I thought I’d share it. The website says:

This free app lets you learn about making an adoption plan for your baby and provides the ability to view and select potential adoptive parents. Included are answers to the most frequently asked questions about adoption from other women who have been where you are.


Read the entire book, “So I Was Thinking About Adoption…” directly via this app. It’s a book that explains what the open adoption process is like, where you can get free help, and even how to get free maternity clothes for your pregnancy when choosing adoption!


Lifetime’s Adoption App is free to download and contains all you need to know about making a free open adoption plan and how to find confidential services that will meet your needs, wherever you are.

Interesting …. you can check it out here.



5 thoughts on “Adoption App from Lifetime

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