Thank You, Dog, for Crapping All Over My House

He looks so serious! Lol

I just had a moment that made it completely clear to me that I am ready to parent.

We just got home and found that our pup had crapped ALL OVER THE HOUSE. There was watery crap in the laundry room … watery crap in the kitchen …. watery crap in the dining room …. watery crap TWO TIMES in the living room. Oh! The humanity!

I walked in the door, saw the mess and  ….. and …. started cleaning it up. Without hesitation. He took the pup outside and let him run around a bit. The pup went again when he was outside.

I think it was the fact that the power went out in the house so the movie we left on for him turned off –>  there were no people noises –> and the house was dark. He’s usually with us every moment of every day so I think it freaked him out a bit.

And so his tummy became upset.

And so he pooped all over everything.

My only thoughts were for his concern. He thought I would be upset so He came in the house after a bit to check on me. He found me in the kitchen in my work dress cleaning up dog poop … and not tripping about it. I’d say I’m officially ready to parent.


UPDATE: Turns out there was some chocolate icing in the trashcan and he got into it. He’s feeling better but he’ll have no food for 24 hours followed by some bland white rice until his diarrhea goes away. I guess I was looking at waaaaaay too emotionally! Lol



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