Yet ANOTHER Reason He is Going to Be a GREAT Dad

Our pup at 2 months old

We got our pup when he was almost two months old. He wanted him and as soon as I saw him, I wanted him too. He has primary responsibility for taking care of the pup with me acting as sidekick. After seeing Him with our pup every day I knew I wanted to raise children with him.

The pup at about 6 months.

Raising a pup is hard work. There are doctor visits to set up and attend. There is food to buy. There are walks to take. Through it all He takes the lead. During the summer months, He checks his paws to make sure that no thorns got in between the toes when we go outside. He lets the pup jump on him, scratch him, and play with him until they are both tired. He makes sure that the pup has food, water, treats, and toys. He rarely loses patience with the pup.

Him and the pup chilling in bed one morning.

Seeing their bond grow over the years has me absolutely convinced that He will be an amazing father!

I love this guy. I love them both.

My family.




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