Adoption Classes Start This Month

11 weeks of adoption classes begin mid-September.

This is the month we’ve been waiting for. It’s the first big step towards growing our family – 11 weeks of foster and adoption classes begin with our county in a few weeks.

This is the first time I’ve walked into an educational setting and had no idea of what I’d be studying. I’m a Type A personality. I usually have the books purchased, the syllabus downloaded, and my highlighters and markers specially arranged for each class weeks before the term has even begun so doing it this way is a bit unsettling.

I’m also not looking forward to a two-hour drive each way every Thursday evening for the next three months. We live in a little bitty town and our classes are in the next closest (about three towns away) big city. On top of that we are required to bring a food contribution for a weekly potluck. I am VERY picky and rarely eat in public so I am not looking forward to this.

I know I sound like I’m complaining and so many people on so many adoption boards would say that I should be happy to do whatever I can to “hold that little bundle of joy in my arms” but you know what? This is my blog and I can complain all I want to! Lol

Anyhoo …..  I’ll keep everyone updated on the banalities, excitement, strangeness and general goings-on of our class. Anyone care to share what types of things might be covered? I just want to make sure I have enough highlighters.





2 thoughts on “Adoption Classes Start This Month

  1. We are moving along with our county’s foster-adopt program. I keep hearing negative things about the foster-adopt process so I’m SUPER nervous.

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