Get Your Free Child Safe Kit

If you have a kid, it’s important to make sure that your child has a free Child Safe Kit. The FBI says, “A child disappears in a crowd at the fair. A toddler wanders out an open door. A teen doesn’t return from the mall. Every year, hundreds of thousands of kids in the U.S. are reported “missing.”

Click the photo to visit the website.

Why is this important? The FBI says

Recording your child’s fingerprints is particularly important. Why? Not only because everyone’s fingerprints are unique, but also because they don’t change over time like physical appearances. We also recommend that you update the photos of your kids in the kits at least once a year.



Are the fingerprints or other information in the kits kept by the FBI? No! You keep the kits and fingerprints yourselves in a safe place…and provide the information to us only in case of emergency. Even then, we don’t keep the information in our records permanently without your permission.

What’s in the Child Safe Kit?

Find out what’s in the kit. Click the image.

Order your FREE Child Safe Kit here. The Polly Klaas Foundation also provides free Child Safety Kits for families. The kit from the Polly Klaas Foundation also provides “24 pages of guidance for parents” when you order a kit. Order one here.



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