Black Families Adopting Internationally

As we are a family of color looking to adopt a child of color I am always on the lookout for stories, books, websites, blogs, etc. that share stories about domestic Black/African-American kids growing up in Black/African-American families that adopted them. I rarely find anything. When I Google search I usually come up with stories about transracial adoption which is not the developing story of our family.

So as I’m desperately searching for anything ANYthing that shares the story of Black/African-American adoptees and their Black/African-American families I come across this story on NPR about a Black family that adopted internationally. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for, but at this point I’ll take anything I can get my hands on …. Lol

COX: Now, you’re adding to your family by adopting a child from Ethiopia. So question number one is this: Why did you look outside to U.S. to adopt to begin with? And secondly, why Ethiopia in particular?


Ms. REDWOOD: We looked outside the U.S. We really enjoy raising children and we feel like we have a lot to offer as a family. But we wanted to try to make the best impact that we could in terms of humanitarian gesture and humanitarian effort.

When you look at the situation in the pre-emerging and developing countries and you find that there – for instance, there’s one doctor for every 35,000 people, and you find that only 11 percent of a population has access to safe water. And you see that there are children there who need a good home and who could benefit from the potential here in America. That made it an easy choice.


Ethiopia, specifically, we chose – we were definitely looking for an African country because we are African-American and we want the child to be comfortable in America, you know, racially and also socially. Ethiopia, in particular, because it’s one of the countries that has a cooperative stance, and the agency that we’re working with is already there with non-governmental programs to assist the country as well as to do the adoption.

Anyhoo … please listen or read her story here.



7 thoughts on “Black Families Adopting Internationally

  1. Thanks for sharing. I find stories about Black people raising non-Black kids all of the time. Where are the stories about Black families raising Black babies? It makes me feel like I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. There have to be a few Black families that have adopted Black babies and lived to tell about it! Lol

  2. This blog is no longer updated, but it’s about the adoption journey of a Black woman & her Latina partner. I think they live in NYC.

    It’s on my Google Reader, but I forgot about it ’til now since it’s no longer updated (she mostly stopped blogging after they adopted). But it’s a great blog.

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