Exploring Black Fatherhood in Photos

I originally saw this post on the AfroParents blog and I HAD to share it! You know how much I love talking about Black fatherhood!  =) I love these images from Zun Lee. Mr. Lee tells the NY Times:

“In 2004, I discovered my biological dad was African-American,” said Mr. Lee, who had been raised in a Korean family in Germany. “It had basically been a one-night stand. He ran away when he learned she was pregnant. She doesn’t even remember his name anymore.”


That revelation would inform his latest work — “Father Figure,” an exploration into the lives of black fathers.  Working over the last year in New York, Chicago and Toronto, where he now lives and works as a health consultant, he has delved into the lives of men who have made the choice to stay near their children as best they can.


His goal is to show an everyday, ordinary love between children and fathers. The kind of moments that get lost in the shuffle of media caricatures.

Visit Sun Lee’s website

I can’t say enough good things about these images ….


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