First Adoption Class – After

Soooooo … we officially started our P.R.I.D.E. Training (Parents’ Resources for Information Development Education) training last night with the county. We have to do 33 hours of training (11 weeks).
Our class is run by two social workers that seem nice enough. Neither of them is much of a facilitator though and the class seemed to drag on. We are being forced to participate in a pot luck so we will be contributing food but probably won’t eat anything. At first I felt badly about it, but judging from last night’s class we aren’t the only ones that feel some type of way about it. No one brought anything that was home-cooked and everyone only nibbled. Who has time to cook and drag something to class?

The first hour the two social workers took turns reading from the slides (sitting down! I could NEVER get away with that as a speaker.) and it was very dry. The second hour we watched a film about two kids in foster care. Black kids. Black foster care family. One kid went on to be adopted (his parents had drug and alcohol problems) and one kid went back to his family (he had a stable family until his mom died in a car crash and his dad started drinking because of it.) The movie was used as a discussion tool. The third hour we talked about being part of a professional team.

The social workers talked about us being a resource for each other, but we didn’t really get the change to interact. I’m sure over the 11 weeks there will be more opportunities, but I wouldn’t say that we’re off to a good start. We sat at a table with 3 other people (a couple and a single). The single was friendly but the couple was ….. reserved.

Anyhoo … I thought I’d share the PRIDE topics for other neurotic folks like myself! Lol


Week 1 – Connecting with PRIDE

Week 2 – Understanding Child Protective Services

Week 3 – Permanence for Children

Week 4 – Child Development and Attachment

Week 5 – Grief and Loss

Week 6 – Ethnicity and Maintaining Connections

Week 7 – Discipline

Week 8 Concurrent Planning and Adverse Parental Background

Week 9 – Roles and Responsibilities

Week 10 – Planning on Change

Week 11 – Wrap-Up



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