Baby Photos

Everyone loves seeing themselves as a baby, right? I know I do. I constantly pull out old photo albums that have photos of me at Sea World, at the park, at school. My favorite photos are the ones of me at my first born day party. My godmother teases me because my mom went IN! Lol There was a cake, and shrimp, and hors d’oeuvres and invitations that made folks think that there would be a wedding instead of a little kid with a pointed hat and a cake-stained outfit.

It’s kind of joke in my family how much my mom did for me. Nothing was ever too much. In the days before digital cameras taking photos was a luxury for many. Do you remember how much all that film cost? The flashes you had to buy separately? Getting it developed? Oh wait … am I telling my age? Lol

I read a post about a kid not having photos of herself as a baby that broke my heart. Of course, having or not having photos doesn’t mean that your parents and family loved you any more or less  … but … it just made me feel sad.


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