Finalization by the Judge

With all of the talk about being matched with a little one it’s easy to forget that we’re not actually going to officially (read: legally) be a family until a judge decrees it. Well … guess how happy I was to find a blog post about what that brief process is like:

My father was there, along with Baby Jay’s godmother,  two of his stalwart playmates and their moms, the executive director of our adoption agency, and, of course, my attorney. We all sat around the table while the judge talked about how wonderful our Jay is.  She was tickled that two of his friends, who were also born in 2010, came along. She said that was the first time she had a two other babies witness an adoption signing. And she said that the fact that he had so many people there to support him was a good sign of things to come.


Then she asked routine questions like: how much we paid our attorney? and how did we find her?  Have your life circumstances changed since we brought Jay home? That part was all very routine.


Then, she had all of us raise our hands and swear that this was meant to be.


”This is the fun part of my  job, she began, “do you all solemnly swear that this is a good idea—that Nadia and Eva should be Baby Jay’s parents? and that this should be forever?”


“Yes,” we all cried in unison.


“And so by the power vested in me, I declare it so.”


Any day now, I should get the official paper work from the state of New York. Yippee!


It was brief but magical.

I also found this free resource site so It thought I’d share it as well. Free books that you can download include:

Welcome To Our Family: Foster Family Version

Finding An Adoption Family

Going To Our Adoption Finalization


We’re probably about a year away from any of this, but …. one can dream ….



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