Adoption Class – Week 2

Tonight was “Understanding CPS” at our county’s foster care/adopt PRIDE class. It was pretty good. Not “good” in the sense that I feel better about adopting, but “good” in the sense that I better understand the process for adopting a kid in our county. I learned some valuable things tonight:

It will be a long and winding road. Tonight we learned that the kid will be taken and have a D/J hearing, an initial hearing, a six month hearing, there is possibility of all manner of continuation hearings, a TPR hearing and possibly an appeals hearing. That is a LOT of hearings.

Kids from 0 – 3 have a different time schedule. In an effort to help children find stable homes more quickly, there is a push by the county to help parents reunite with children quickly or place the child with an adoptive family.

There aren’t as many Black kids as I thought. Tonight we received a handout with different graphs that detailed how many kids come into care by age and ethnicity. I was surprised to see mostly Latino kids, followed by white kids, and only 17% were Black kids. In our county that came to about 256 Black kids per year.

I’m a horrible person. Tonight we focused on the process that takes a child from a family and places that child with a different family. For me to grow my family I have to hope that a mother can’t stay off of drugs, hope that a father continues to abuse his wife and kids, etc., etc., etc. I know that all the adoption sites talk about the fact that any family created through adoption is rooted in loss, but I really felt it tonight.

Anyhoo … there was a lot of question and answer going on. It felt good to have someone to ask my crazy questions to. We didn’t do any getting-to-know-you activities this week which kinda makes me sad, but …. so goes life. I don’t think that I’ll be finding any people in class to form a lasting bond with, but what do I know? Lol The training is still young!




5 thoughts on “Adoption Class – Week 2

    • In a perfect world we’d get a baby that’s Black AND Latino (Mexican preferred). I’m not sure how He would feel about having a full Latino baby that doesn’t look anything like Him.

      Why do you ask?

      • Well, I see your post below … but I asked because I was just curious! You’ve written a lot about how it was important to you to adopt a Black child, and how you have trouble understanding why someone would want to adopt a child of a different race from their own.

        But I thought that after learning that the need is greatest (in your area) for parents for Latino children, you might see things differently.

  1. I’m Mexican so I have no problem adopting a Latino kid, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want a kid that looks similar to us. My dad used to get stopped by the police when I was small because he is light skinned and I am more brown skinned. My mom tells me stories about opening the door to a police officer on her porch with my dad and I. She had to vouch that he was my dad because someone had called in a “suspicious” man with with a child. I don’t want my family to have to go through that.

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