Baby … Toddler … Um … a Quilt

I saw this post about making a quilt for a kid and it inspired me to make a quilt for our (not with us) kid. Since I don’t know when we’ll be getting this kid or how old they’ll be when they arrive, I’ve decided to make it for a full-sized bed. That way if they are too little they can cuddle it when they are small and grow into it. If they are older then they can use it immediately. Also, if it fits a decent sized bed then maybe they will want to take it with them when they get older (I wish!) as a nice reminder of their childhood.

To pull on the heartstrings a bit more I’d decided to have our loved ones each contribute a square. I’ll mail them a piece of printable fabric with a note about my plans. Then I’ll ride them like ponies until each square is returned with a message on it. With my people … I’m guessing that they’ll need about 6 months of “reminding”. Lol

After that, I’ll need about six months to get off of my lazy butt and do all the work to have something that can actually be used to keep warm! Lol I a quilt that my great-grandmother sewed that I will not get rid of. Maybe this will be something that they use to remember all of the people that love them.



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