Look! It’s a Little Boy in a Skirt!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know where I stand on issues of gender. If you’re still reading it’s because you:

A) Don’t care. After all my thoughts have no real bearing on your life.

B) Think I’m totally wrong, but you love the updates about baby rooms and onsies so you’ve chosen to forgive me.

C) Agree! Afterall, we’ve all probably felt a little hemmed in by by society’s standards of “appropriate” gender representation.

Anyhoo ….

I read this post over at OffBeatMama.com and I loved it! My favorite part of the story is

We live in Israel, and in a country that places such a high premium on machismo it won’t be easy for my son. But in the meanwhile, he’s learning how to own his choices. When the older kids say “Why are you wearing a dress?” he says: “Because I want to.

I hope that more and more people are able to defend themselves with this much chutzpah!


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