Joining PACT for Adoption

Originally, we considered using PACT to adopt. I heard that they exclusively placed children of color, but … I also heard that they worked super slowly in an effort to find good matches. Of course we want a good match, but we also want to have a match sooner than later. (That sounded so ugly when I wrote it)

Anyhoo …. we contacted PACT and they put us on their mailing list. Today, I got an email about joining PACT. The benefits include:

Your membership dues help Pact continue its work. And as a member, you receive:


  • Discounted rates on Pact educational programs, events, publications, and purchases at our bookstore.
  • Invitations to special members-only Pact events.
  • A subscription to Pact’s Point of View, our quarterly publication filled with feature articles, personal essays, book and film reviews, and fiction and poetry by all members of the adoption triad.
  • Our monthly members-only e-newsletter, filled with Pact’s latest news and adoption-related links.
  • Access to Pact-affiliated online support groups and to Pact’s Teen Club.

I have been reading a lot about adopted children and families that adopt. Most of these books talk about how important it is for children to know about their biological lineage, how important it is for adopted children to know other adopted children, how important it is for families that adopt a child to honor that child’s history and be open to talking about sameness and difference. I hope that some of the folks that join PACT are Black families raising Black kids. I think we will join. Why not? It’s only $50 per year and it will give us the opportunity to meet other families that have adopted.

Have you worked with PACT? Have you been to any PACT events?

What was your experience?



3 thoughts on “Joining PACT for Adoption

  1. I have to write a blog post about our experience with Pact. It was not positive. There are a number of black parents who are raising black kids. We went to one of their picnics. It’s sad that our experience was so negative, because they’re a good organization that does good work. They’re just very pretentious. The two couples I know who have actually adopted through them have nothing but good to say about them, although I know one of them did wait a very long time.

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