“Apology” Cards

So I’m browsing for parent-to-be cards to send out for the new year and I come across these “apology” cards from Lane Walker Foard. The cards are described as:

One of the only ironclad certainties of being a new parent is this: You will apologize, a lot, to everyone around you. Waitresses, neighbors, people on the plane. Be prepared with these handy apology cards!

It sounded interesting to me, so I took a look at the reviews. This person wrote this as a negative review, but it made me want the cards even more! Lol

It’s more smug and anti-kid then anything. Do you have a friend that resents that you have a new baby? Do you know someone that hates children? This is what they are thinking but maybe not saying to you.

So if you’re thinking about getting us something to congratulate us on our new addition, please, please, please think about getting us these cards! Lol


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