Adopting a Teen from the Heart Gallery

So all of this time we’ve been thinking about adopting a little baby (hopefully a newborn) from foster care but …. I just saw the nicest looking teen in the Heart Gallery. He’s 13 years old. He’s Black. His eyes look so gentle. I’ve heard that if they are listed on the Heart Gallery then for whatever reason … they are considered hard to place so I read his profile very closely to see if I could tell what they weren’t saying.

Click the image to find kids that would love to be adopted.

I can’t find anything other than he’s a teen, a male and Black. I can live with all of those things. Is there a way to meet him without the pressure of having a formal sit down? I heard that they do adoption events where prospective adoptive parents and prospective adoptive children get a chance to hang out and do some kind of activities to see if we all click.

Does this sound like the right way to approach it?


3 thoughts on “Adopting a Teen from the Heart Gallery

  1. Ask a social worker from the classes about how to approach. I know someone who adopted an “older” child w/o having met him. I also know of people who started with weekend visits to see if things “clicked.” I have never heard of it being like a formal sit-down meeting.

    • I definitely would want us to meet each other first. No offense, but that seems weird to me.

      I’m wondering if starting visits might be a lot of pressure for all of us. I’m going to ask at the next class. It’s funny because we started this process because we wanted to adopt, but the closer we get to possibly having a kid … the more scared I get. Is that normal? Lol

      • It’s weird in a way, yes … but on the other hand, maybe it’s seen as no different from any foster placement with the potential to become permanent? I do know it would personally make me uncomfortable!

        YES, I think it’s normal to be scared! My husband & I are starting the classes in a few days and I am already getting more nervous. 🙂

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