Adoption Class – Week 7

This week we attended the week 7 PRIDE class on discipline.

At our county classes begin at 6pm and we are allowed to miss 30 minutes before we are required to re-take the class. Usually that’s fine but this week we had a gig that was 50 minutes away from where the classes are held and 1) wasn’t scheduled to be over until 5:30pm 2) that 5:30pm time didn’t include any wrap up. Ugh! We took the job not realizing how far away it was. Plus, since we started our adoption journey we’ve been taking all of the jobs we can get! It takes about $250,000 to raise a kid nowadays!

I hurried my bit along, let the students go at 5:12pm, touched base with our contact and rushed out of the building at 5:20pm. We tried a new road that we hadn’t taken before in hopes that it would shave off a few minutes of travel and wouldn’t you know it … it did! We arrived at the class at 5:26pm! Whew! *wipes brow*

The class was all about how punishment was bad and discipline was good. Our county has a strict no-spanking policy so we loads of time going over what qualified as “punishment” versus what qualified as “discipline” (see the chart above). I knew that I knew a lot of this stuff, but I didn’t realize how much I knew until we got started.

The class covered an important topic, but it was more lecture and less participation. Any of us can have the “right” answers sitting in a chair reading from a book. It would have been great to do some role plays and give us a chance to use our skills and get feedback in the moment.

Regardless …

… we’re almost done with classes! There are eleven weeks of classes and next week we’ll be on class 8 (4 weeks until it’s ovah!) so we’re pretty excited about that. We have to do our state license and home study but at least we’re (almost) one more thing down!

Whoo hoo!



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