What If My Child Was Gay?

For this week’s adoption class homework we had to write a letter to our child who has just “come out” as gay. This was soooo hard. I didn’t know what to write. Does, “I already know that you’re gay. No one cares. Do the dishes” count as a real letter? Lol

I don’t mean to sound callous I just really don’t care. I would hope that my child wouldn’t have to “come out” to me because:

Home is safe. I would like to think that our family would be a place that my child could be whomever they are without restriction.

We’re observant. We probably already know. We live with this child every day. We’ve seen the way they make eyes at ______ so we’re not surprised about their feelings towards _______.

It’s not a big  deal because of our family. Many people in our family, and close friends that we love like family, are part of the LGBTQ community so one is going to make them feel “strange” or “weird” because they like ______.

It’s not a big deal because of our community. I know that there are places in the world, heck, there are places in our city that would not welcome members of the LGBTQ community however we do not congregate with that sort. I know that you can’t keep your child safe from everything, but my hope is that my child will be confident and secure.

After all, when someone yells out, “That’s gay!” the folks I know yell back, “Yep! It’s AWESOME!”







Sometimes Wanda Sykes cracks me up! Lol


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