Gay Folks Make GREAT Adoptive Parents

Click the image to read the whole article.

A new article in The Atlantic shares a new study just came out that proves that gay parents make FABULOUS parents! Yay!

RESULTS: Children in all three types of households benefited from adoption: on average, they made significant gains in cognitive development — their IQ scores increased by an average of 10 points — and they maintained stable levels of behavior problems. What’s more, the kids adopted by gay and lesbian parents actually started out with more risk factors, and were more likely to be of a different ethnicity than their adoptive parents, but after two years were on equal footing with their heterosexually-adopted peers.

CONCLUSION: Co-author Letitia Anne Peplau put it succintly: “There is no scientific basis to discriminate against gay and lesbian parents.”

Read the whole article from The Atlantic here.


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