“No, You Don’t Have to Suck It Up” – Social Workers and Adoption Class

Soooo … last night was class #8 in a series of 11 adoption classes from our county (we’re doing foster-adopt). One of the social workers was explaining that if you have a child that has visits with one or both parents, the child may act out after the visit. She went on  to explain that regardless of how the visits affected the child, the child would have to see the parent. Regardless of how the visits effected the family, the child would have to see the parent. If the behaviors were severe enough, and after multiple visits, then the child could be referred to a therapist. The only person that is allowed to suspend or stop visits is the judge.


I wanted to be sure that I was understanding what she said, because that sounded 1) stupid 2) cruel and 3) unreasonable to me. I very politely raised my hand, considered how to ask my question and started my sentence by saying, “What I understood from what you said is … ”

So far I thought I was on the right path … but I said something to the affect of, “So you’re tellling us that we just have to suck it up” and it was ON! The woman became visibly upset. She  responded, “No. You don’t have to suck it up. You … ..” and then said exactly what I said but without that phrase. She was pissed upset.

One of my biggest issues is that I speak my mind and I don’t pull punches. I call things as I see them. Not everyone appreciates my candor. Lol

Oh well …. we only have 3 more adoption classes. Hopefully, I can finish the series without getting into a fist-fight an argument with the instructors! Lol


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