Adoption Class Week 9 – Roles and Responsibilities

We’re on week 9 out of 11 weeks of classes! Whoo hoo!

This week we talked about the roles and responsibilities of resource families, but the real news is that one of the social workers that teaches our class told us that adopting a newborn was possible!

I know …. I know … this may not be news to some of you, but it was exhilarating for us! Our county is running two classes: one on Tuesdays (ours) and one on Thursdays. The one on Thursdays is two weeks ahead of us and FILLED with prospective adoptive parents. Our class is almost completely prospective foster parents. In fact, there are only four other families that are looking to adopt!

Since most of the people in our class are fostering, most of the information is on foster care situations. We have heard every negative thing you can think of about older kids, acting out after visits with biological parents, behavioral problems, mental problems, health problems and on and on …

I’m sure all of that is true … and that’s why we’d prefer a baby 0 – 1 year old so that we’ll have longer to attach and bond as a family. The problem is … they make it sound like getting a baby if you’re not fostering or doing concurrent planning is almost impossible. At the last class, I asked one of the social workers to be honest with us and tell us if adopting an infant was possible. She smiled at us and said that everything goes through cycles, but right now they are getting tons of babies!

It feels horrible to wish that a baby’s family can’t get it together so we can adopt their baby. I mean … really? … I kinda hope that someone is so screwed up that they leave their baby at a Safe Haven location so we can have it. See? Doesn’t that sound ugly? I have to remind myself that we’re not going around the city encouraging families to mistreat and/or leave their children. These are children that are going to be mistreated and/or left regardless of if we sign up as adoptive parents or not.
Anyhoo …  we have two more classes to go. We’re getting our health screenings on Monday and our CPR/First-Aid class is on Saturday. It’s all coming together.




8 thoughts on “Adoption Class Week 9 – Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Is she actually saying they are getting “tons” of babies whose parental rights are terminated already?? Even if this is the case, remember that they will do anything in their power to find biological family members to step forward and adopt the child before you will be given the chance.

    • No. In our county parental rights are not terminated until there is an adoptive family lined up. She was making the comment that multiple infants have been removed from their homes.

      • Oh! Yes, I am sure that’s true. But you’d still have to foster first, and the odds are 50/50 you’d adopt (as per the stats), though some cases more clearly point to TPR and toward non-relative adoption than others.

      • It seems like sometimes they occur more than other times. You can’t plan for things like that. We are willing to wait though. I don’t think I could take the heartbreak of bonding with a baby and then having them leave.

        I know that nothing is for sure, but I’m going to try and get the best odds that I can.

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