Adoption Class Week 10: Planning on Change

This week’s class was all about ALL of the paperwork we’ll be turning in once we become foster parents (until the adoption is final). I’m not even sure I can remember it all, but from what I understand:

  • When the social worker comes to drop off a kid we’ll have to get the Agency-Foster Parents Agreement before we allow the kid into our home or we will be cited from Community Care Licensing. The social workers (class facilitators) told us that the social worker that is trying to drop off the kid may tell us that they don’t have it and that we are NOT to take the kid into our home without that paperwork. My concern is that the social worker(s) will get upset with us. I don’t think it’s fair that a) a social worker would even try some unethical crap like that and that b) we’ll be fined if CCL arrives at our home and we don’t have the paperwork.
  • We’ll also have to get the Personal Care Community Care Facilities Form for CCL.
  • We also have to keep a Placement Information Sheet for each kid as a short-cut to their educational stuff, medical stuff, etc.
  • We also have to keep a Personal Item Inventory Sheet of all the things that the child brought into the home and all the things that the child received and/or bought while in our home. Just in case a parent or other social services worker tries to say that we are not taking care of the child.
  • We also have to perform a Visual Check on the child and keep a record of that visual check. There is a LOT of CYAing going on here.
  • We also have to keep a record of the child’s moods, behaviors, and phone calls with parents and other relationships in a journal.
  • We also have to take the child to see a doctor within 30 days of the child’s arrival in our home and before we can administer anything as small as an aspirin we have to have a letter from the doctor called a Standing Medication Order. This letter needs to cover things like: baby powder, hyrogen peroxide, chapstick, baby butt cream, neosporin, etc.
  • We need to keep an Education Passport and a Health Passport.

I feel overwhelmed with all of the adoption from foster care paperwork requirements right now. This journey is not for the feint of heart.

Don’t forget this all on top of the parent visitations, sibling visitations, therapist appointments and doctor appointments.

The social workers have said that they want us to be honest about what we can handle and I’m thinking … that we need a small child with no family. How can we do all of this and keep our business up and running?



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