Todays Adoption Adventure: Health Screenings

Soooo .. today is the day we are going for our health screenings and TB test for our adoption from foster care. I’m not sure what to expect. The last time I had a physical was when I was going out for sports in high school! Lol

The place we chose (we don’t have health insurance or a regular Dr.) charges:

$120 for the physical

$30 for the TB test

$20 to fill out the form from the county.


$170 per person

I’m guessing that they are going to check weight, height, blood pressure, breast exam, possibly a pelvic exam (for both women and men), they’ll check your limbs, possibly a quick eye test, check your throat and ears and nose and then you’re done.

I find it interesting that we have to get one when Web MD states:

The annual physical exam is beloved by many people and their doctors. But studies show that the actual exam isn’t very helpful in discovering problems and may lead to unnecessary tests.


Leading doctors and medical groups have called the annual physical exam “not necessary” in generally healthy people.

Well, glad to see that we’re spending $170 per person for nothing. All hail the adoption gods! Lol




4 thoughts on “Todays Adoption Adventure: Health Screenings

    • Looking at the form and it looks like it might call for a pap smear and blood work. What the hell? I checked on the adoption boards and no one else had to do all of that. Ugh. Is it too late to adopt from a different county?

      • Maybe it will be at the discretion of the doc? Pap smears detect cervical cancer. Do you go to the gyno? I think you’re supposed to get pap smears every 3 years if previous ones were normal.

  1. It was actually pretty cool. The Dr. was super nice. The phlebotomist was SUPER nice! When I started crying and freaking out, she had me go lie down, changed the tie and needle and pretended not to hear me crying like a baby! Lol

    Overall, it was actually a pretty good experience. We have to go back on Wednesday to have the TB test read and get our cholesterol readings. No pap required. Yay!

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