“Saving” Kids in Foster Care

I can’t post my comment about this article about adopting from foster care on the Huffington Post because I don’t want to create another account, so I’m posting my comment here:

I was in foster care until I aged out. I was not adopted because I didn’t want to be (I was old enough to make that decision). I know that you mean well, but I am bothered by the idea that you are “saving” a child. That “You are taking a child who had no hope for a happy, productive life and giving them a viable future” is sometimes the case, but is not always the case. Each of us has different ideas about what a “good” family is/does but that doesn’t meant that families that are involved with the foster care system should be judged so negatively. I own a financial education business and am doing well by most social standards. All the good things people see in me came from my biological family.

I am also adopting from foster care. I understand that there are some children that would like to be adopted or have come from backgrounds that make it impossible for them to stay with their biological family. I am not adopting to “save” a child. I’m adopting in hopes that I can be matched with a kid that needs me just as much as I need them.


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