Birth Mom Vs Adoptive Mom

Portrait of Adoption is doing 30 Days of Adoption stories. There have been several great stories, but I really wanted to share this one. I love reading stories like this!

A month later, the day before Mother’s Day, my mom and birth mother laid eyes on each other for the first time.  They hugged each other as if they were long-lost friends and shared many tears and laughs over the next six hours.  I was so relieved, because one of my biggest fears was being put in a position where I’d have to choose sides, but based on how Gloria and Monika were behaving with each other, that didn’t seem to be a worry.


Over the next several years, we formed relationships.  We spent time at each other’s homes and got to know each other better.  The most surprising relationship that has come out of all this is the relationship between Gloria and Monika.  They adore each other and have spent endless hours together chatting away as if they have known each other their entire lives.  I am the common bond that ties them together, but their relationship has evolved beyond that.  I am so grateful that the woman who gave birth to me and the woman who raised me love each other unconditionally.  It is a true testament to motherly love.

Please, please, please read the whole post.


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