Everything Is Set But Us: Dragging Our Feet On Adoption

I just realized that we fucked up.

So last night we were talking with our adoption worker about our file. She said that she needed to make sure were cleared through Community Care Licensing (we’re in California) before she could come out and do our home study.

Um … we didn’t do our CCL inspection yet. In fact, we barely sent in our application a month ago. It was sent back because we didn’t fill it out correctly/completely. We just re-sent everything last week. I didn’t think it was a big deal because my schedule in my head went something like this:

May Interest meeting

June Initial interview

September Start classes

November Finish classes

Nov/Dec Get licensed by CCL

February Home study

March Home study approved

April Get matched

Of course things never go as planned. Things often take much longer than you thought they would but …. you never think it’ll be faster than you think. Last night when we spoke with our adoption worker, she again mentioned that they are having a “baby bonanza” right now.

Um … crap!

Now, I’m wondering if she was ready to go, go, go and now we’ve fucked it all up by not having our paperwork together. Everyone talks about how long it takes so I guess I didn’t feel like there was any hurry .. now I feel … like a crazy person! Aaagh!




2 thoughts on “Everything Is Set But Us: Dragging Our Feet On Adoption

  1. Isn’t the amount of paperwork just insane? We had a few snafus too during our licensing process. At some point the county “lost” my husband’s fingerprints! How do you lose fingerprints? I hope the inspection happens quickly so you can get back on your timeline!

    • Yes. I’m so tired of filling out paperwork. I wish there was a machine that let them see into your heart (like a TSA scanner but for awesomeness!). It would make the process easier and quicker. Hmmm … I’m going to see if I can find one of Amazon or eBay. Those sites have everything! Lol

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