Which Way is Home: H.E.A.R.T. Talking With Jessenia “The Voice” Arias

I love listening to H.E.A.R.T. Talk with Ms. E on Blogtalk radio. This week I had to share the information in case anyone else wants to listen in. Set a reminder on your cell phone. This should be a good one!

This week Ms. E is talking to transracial adoptee Muzik Arias. She’s written a book Which Way is Home, she writes a blog and she speaks to people about her experiences. Check her out tonight 6PM Pacific / 8PM Central/ 9PM Eastern!


“HEART Talk with Ms. E”New ME



   National Adoption Awareness Month


                           Jessenia “The Voice” Arias 

                            (aka Muzik)


who shares her life story from the womb to the streets, from the jail cell to the classroom, to living her purpose. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2013

6PM Pacific / 8PM Central/ 9PM Eastern




To participate during the Live Q&A segment Call

(424) 675-8303


Have You Ever…

…felt like the place where you were living was just a place to stay and not “home”?


…wondered what life would be like if you were never placed in foster care or for adoption?

An adoptee born in Manhattan, NY., and in her words, “raised all over the place”, Jessenia has a powerful testimony of how she overcame being an abandoned baby, abused child, incarcerated youth and high school drop-out.  

Then with the close mentorship of caring coaches and teachers, she graduated from high school and was awarded a $160,000 scholarship to attend and graduate from Lynn University.

Jessenia is now committed to her work as a Foster and Adoption Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder of “Which Way Is Home”, with a special compassion for African-American and Hispanic youth placed in trans-racial families.

Her passion for speaking to and in behalf of foster youth and adoptees, and transparency about her life has helped hundreds of youth transform their lives by learning how to overcome personal struggles, dream big, build confidence and find their purpose.


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