Then I’m Gonna …… What?

How do you discipline your kid(s)?

How do you discipline your kid(s)?

Since we are adopting from foster care we have to sign a document stating that we will not use corporal punishment on ANY child that lives with us. I’m definitely a person that grew up with spanking and getting slapped in the mouth for tone, language, etc. so this is going to be hard for me. My mom used to make me listen to a looooooong speech about what I did wrong while having me engage in a discussion about what I could have done differently, then I got spanking and then I could do on about my way. Trust me, there were a few times I asked for a spanking so I could go back outside and play … which usually led to an even loooooooooonger speech … but I digress.

Since I’ll be restricted from using that form of discipline I’m trying to get a jump on what the other options are. When I read this article on I was over the moon. I’m not sure that I’m board with all of the suggestions, but I like this one about using a sticker chart to encourage positive behavior:

Our son has been way into amassing stickers now that he understands that we’ll follow through with what we promise, and the stickers have been a gentle motivation — instead of saying something like “If you don’t listen well while we’re out then we’re not going to go the zoo later,” or telling him something he does is “bad” when he starts to demonstrate less-than-stellar behavior, we can ask something like, “Oh hey, what do you like best about your sticker chart?” and it more positively reminds him of the incentive he has to be his generally sweet, awesome self. It’s not always successful, but it’s a good way to focus all of us on whatever the problem is.

There are several other ideas in the article. Pop on over to to read the other ideas.




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