Dads Are REAL Parents

I love this article on from Lynn Beisner. She talks about the first time she really trusted her husband to make a parenting decision. I don’t think I’ll have this problem as He is already the primary caregiver, for our pup, but one never knows does one?

Anyhoo … here’s a bit of her account. Check out the whole article here.

I doubt you could have found a more remorseful mother. I felt so bad for the time she had laid in that bed telling herself that what she was hearing and feeling wasn’t real. But the agony she endured that night pales in comparison to how well and truly she could have been screwed up if my Pete, her dad in every way but conception, had not been there and had not defied me. How would it have screwed with her head if she had chosen to believe me and ignore what she heard and felt? And how would it have ruined our relationship had she believed her senses and decided that I was completely untrustworthy.


To this day, I still have not forgiven myself completely for that colossal parenting error.

I went down the stairs that night a very different parent than the one who went up. I was humbled, appropriately chastened. I had learned that I could be very wrong. In the months and years to come, it made me more willing to include my children in decision-making. More importantly, that was the night that my husband became a real parent in my eyes, someone who loved my children as much as I do, someone who has parental intuition, and someone who has skills.


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