Getting Into This Baby Thing


We just booked a hotel for a visit and we did something I’ve never done before … we asked the hotel to place a crib in the room. Take a look at this room. Does it look like it should have a crib in it? Nope. Will it have a crib in it? Yep!

One of my biggest fears is losing myself when our family adds a kid to the mix. I do want to raise children, but I do not want to become the dowdy mom in the wrinked yoga pants that only goes to kid-friendly restaurants.

When you tell folks that you’re going to add a kid to the mix you get a lot of, “Oh! How wonderful! Kids really change your life” as if that’s a good thing. Will some things change? Yes. Will everything change? I hope not. I love who I am and where we are as a family. It’s a huge step for me to add a crib to the mix, though it’s empty now, but I think it’s a good step. I’m figuring out how to bring a kid into our world. I’m sure there will be many other small steps but I’m looking forward to things being different not worse.



2 thoughts on “Getting Into This Baby Thing

  1. Some things will change but I don’t feel we’ve drastically changed our lifestyle. We weren’t the stay-out-all-night kind of people to begin with. We have a strict routine and avoid going out when it gets close to naptime, before eating or after visits with biofamily (fostercare). We pay immediately after ordering so we can jump up and leave if there’s a break down. I refuse to be one of those moms whose kid is screaming in public.

    With a baby, I got less sleep. With a toddler, everything takes 3 times as long. With a teenager, I felt like a taxi. Otherwise, everything was the same. We just made sure the hubs and I had some “us” time to talk, watch a movie sans kids, eat together, etc. every day.

    I have, however, used the “we can’t attend because of the kid” excuse. I would have come up with a lame excuse not to attend certain functions anyway, it’s just that the kid excuse is a really good one.

    • I’m really glad that we waited a bit. Now that we have our married routine down I don’t think adding a kid to the mix will be that big of a jump either. We’re usually in bed by 9pm and up by 5am anyway! Lol I’m not looking forward to missing sleep, but it’s a phase that will pass and I’m super glad that we have a dog to train us how to be a “family” … Lol He has us carrying around an extra bag and going to special hotels and everything. =)

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