Django Unchained and Passing Out Food to Homeless People


We don’t celebrate Christmas so we began the morning with Django Unchained.  It was a very good choice. What a love story! We took my Godmother and her wife. All of us were engrossed in the film.


It’s so nice to see a Black man willing to go through hell and high water to save his Black wife. Yep! Two Black married people that love each other and are willing to sacrifice for each other.


After the movie we went back to our hotel to get Edgar. We’ve been taking him to a local dog park that he loves and we wanted to make sure that he had the chance to stretch his legs. He ran around for a bit and then we headed over to our friend’s house.


Next up, we made lunches with another couple and took them to an area in the city where a lot of homeless people hang out. I gotta say …. I’ve done volunteer work before, but never without an organization. We just made the lunches (an apple, cookies, a water bottle and a turkey sandwich on wheat), jumped in the car, drove down there and started handing them out.


People are so nice! I’ve rarely heard such good manners. I was also surprised to see so many children. Most of the people didn’t “look” homeless … which surprised me. People were coming up to the truck so quickly that everything was gone in about 5 minutes.


I think what surprised me the most was that I felt … like I wanted to do more. I know that people can use a bit of help but it was crazy being so close to what was happening. Note to self: pay more attention to others.


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