Stellaluna: One of the Ugliest Books for Children I’ve Ever Read

This book is NOT a good book for children to read.

This book is NOT a good book for children to read.

While on our adoption journey, we’ve been searching for books about foster care, adoption and family to add to our collection of children’s books. Somehow I came across a book about a baby bat named Stellaluna.

The short version is this:

Baby bat, Stellaluna, falls from mother’s embrace when mother is attacked by an owl.

Stellaluna is taken care of by a bird and her 3 baby birds.

Stellaluna’s ways are different than the ways of the birds. One day the mother bird yells at her, “You are teaching my children to do bad things”.

Stellaluna tries really hard to do things the way that the mother bird wants.

One day the birds and Stellaluna are flying. Stellaluna flies a bit further ahead and the baby birds leave her.

She is found by a group of bats. The bats assure her that she is not “bad”.

Her mother is in the group. They are reunited and she feels whole again.

Wow. You’d have to read it yourself to get the full understanding. I was reading a long … la … la … and then … I felt bad for Stellaluna for getting yelled at for being herself. I felt bad for the baby birds that were open to Stellaluna’s different ways and were shut down. I felt angry at the mother bird for responding that way. Ugh.

I just found this book at the thrift store. I can’t decide whether to re-donate it or burn it. No child should have to read this. Talk about intolerance.



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