State Licensing Just Called


The woman that handles state licensing for Ca just called to schedule our home inspection. Aaaaagh!

I know everyone on the adoption boards says that it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m FREAKING OUT. My first thought was, “We have to call Merry Maids!” Lol I want to scrub everything in the house from the baseboards to the ceiling.

The worst part is that He wants to do it Monday, January 21st after we’ll be gone for a week. I’d prefer to do it Monday, February 4th so I’ll have time to get things together. On the good side … the sooner we do it, the faster it’ll be over with. Also …. I think the adoption worker said that she couldn’t do our home study until our state license was done.





2 thoughts on “State Licensing Just Called

  1. We’re a few weeks away from that ourselves, but definitely don’t worry about cleaning – it’s not about that. Just babyproof the home and you’re good.

    The 21st is a Federal holiday, so they may not schedule for that day anyway.

    • Oh …. I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for mentioning it.

      We have been living with all of the baby-proofing stuff on the cabinets for the last 5 months to help us get used to it! We go a little overboard, but it’s definitely a change of lifestyle! Lol

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