Washing Clothes is Attaching


My goodness! I’ve never been quite so happy to wash clothes.

Whenever I buy clothes for the kid we don’t have I make sure to cut the tags off and wash them before I hang them up. I’m not really big into doing laundry and whatnot, but I find myself smiling while washing, drying and folding clothes that the kid we get may never even wear, due to age/gender/who knows what.

It’s a crazy feeling to be feeling so much happiness, and dare I say love, for a person that you don’t even know. I guess adoption is funny like that. You start falling in the love with the idea of a kid and then try to keep in mind that you can’t have an idea of a kid because the kid you actually get may or may not be anything like the kid you’ve been imagining in your mind.

It’s a slippery slope, but what else do we have to do while we wait? Lol

*goes to wash more baby clothes*


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