More Stress in 1 Month …

It's a long road that could culminate with .... nothing ... #Scary

It’s a long road that could culminate with …. nothing … #Scary

I just read this on an adoption board and it totally captured how I feel right now about adopting from foster care:

I had to laugh at a few people who said this road is harder than pregnancy. Wow, so true! I was pregnant, and it was a hard pregnancy but nothing compares to the stress this system has put me through in just a month. With pregnancy you wait nine months and leave with a baby. In this system you fight like crazy for up to two years and at the end you may leave with nothing.

I guess I keep trying to prepare for having a kid snatched from us so that when it happens we won’t be so surprised/hurt. In the foster care classes they tell you that until you sign those adoption papers, you are fostering. That means that we could have kid for a year, two years … and then have the courts say that the child will be reunited with their parents.

If it’s a safe and nurturing experience for the kid then I know that’s what’s best but it seems like it would be such an emotional upheaval for us. I don’t know if we could do it once and go back into the fray …. …


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