Home Inspection is Scheduled!


We finally have a date for our home inspection! It’s been a bit of a challenge getting it to come together:

  • Turned in our home inspection application in November.
  • She called us and we called her but we didn’t get anything on the books.
  • We suggested Feb. 4th, but she doesn’t work on Mondays.
  • She suggested Feb. 5th, but I had a small event booked.
  • She mentioned that if we couldn’t do it on the 5th she might not have another opening for weeks.
  • I thought about giving up the work to make the home inspection.
  • Realized that I wrote down the event on the wrong date so Feb. 5th would work. Whoo hoo!
  • Someone else booked that Feb. 5th spot.  =(
  • A different client called her to postpone their February 5th 11am spot.
  • She called us and told us that if we could do Feb. 5th at 11am we could have that spot!
  • Whoo hoo …. our home inspection is booked for next Tuesday!

I’m alternately nervous about passing the home inspection and excited about taking another step forward in the process. When we pass (did you see the confidence? Lol) the home inspection then we’ll move on to the home study (multiple invasive question and answer sessions) and then …. maybe we’ll be matched with a kid! After that …. the foster care to adoption roller coaster and then ….

…. wait .. .let’s just take it one step at a time. Our home inspection is booked. Whoo hoo!





4 thoughts on “Home Inspection is Scheduled!

  1. Our agency was nudged by the state (PA) to speed up the process, so even though we’re barely halfway through the classes, we’ve already completed almost all the paperwork AND we’ve had our first home visit & home inspection. (We started the process just after the New Year!)

    And yes, you will pass!

    • One of my sisters is in PA and she says that they are really hurting for homes. Glad to see that they are making sure that people that want to help are getting through the pipeline quickly. Congrats on being on your way!


  2. You’ll pass. We didn’t have a child lock on our silverware drawer so all we had to do while the inspection was taking place was remove all the steak knives to a high shelf and vow to install the child lock before moving the knives back to the drawer. You’ve passed everything else so there’s no way they’ll block you from becoming foster parents just because of something relatively minor.

    Good Luck and don’t panic.

    • Everything I’ve read says not to be too nervous, but it’s a bit strange having a stranger walk around your house and decide if your house is safe/clean enough for a child to live there. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. I’m sure I’m getting riled up for nothing.


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